Grading System

Grading system: I use the following grading systems for bushwalks


The Canberra Bushwalking Club grading system is used for bushwalks:
Distance & Ascent:
(S) Short – under 12km/day.
(M) Medium – 12-20km/day.
(L) Long – over 20km/day.

NB: In calculating walking distance, 1 km is added for every 100 metres climbed.

(E) Easy – firetrail, tracks, beaches etc.
(M) Medium – bush tracks, alpine areas, some scrub.
(R) Rough – much scrub, steep climbs, rock scrambles.
(W) Wet – compulsory swims, many river crossings.

ANUMC bushwalk distance and terrain ratings

To give participant a reasonable idea of what to expect, the ANUMC uses a two-part rating scale based on distance and terrain.

  • S (short) – under 12km per day
  • M (medium) – 12-20km per day
  • L (long) – over 20km per day
  • T (track) – roads, fire trails, well maintained walking tracks, may involve some steep climbs and descents
  • E (easy) – grasslands, open forest, beaches, poorly maintained walking tracks, mainly flat country, may involve some steep climbs and descents
  • M (medium) – mild bush bashing, light scrub, over grown or obstructed walking tracks, may involve sustained climbs and descents
  • R (rough) – hard bush-bashing, thick scrub, regrowth, stinging trees, blackberries, may involve many long, steep climbs and descents
  • S (scrambling)- rock scrambling or rock hopping
  • W (wet) – compulsory wading or swimming, walking through rivers or swamps

Note: More than one terrain rating may be used, particularly if the walk involves a variety of terrain. If in doubt ask the trip leader.