Kangaroo Valley

We arrived at Kangaroo Valley the day before our multi-day canoe trip. We wanted to take the opportunity to explore the town and write about what we had enjoyed whilst there.

Fitzroy Falls Visitors Centre is a lovely place to see the valley of the Morton National Park. Fitzroy falls contain several paths around the cliff edge to view the various waterfalls. The paths for both East and West take a bit over an hour to walk but highly recommend doing it to enjoy the stunning views. 

We even got to see a few Superb Lyrebirds walk passed us whilst singing away. Lyrebirds are such an Australian icon that they have appeared on the Australian ten-cent coin since 1966 to present. 

Friendly Inn Hotel is air-conditioned heaven, a key feature in the Australian summer. The Inn has a wide choice of beer, both local and international. I favoured the 4 Pines Kölsch Drought, whilst Eddy enjoyed the RedNut by Benspoke. 

The Inn is popular for both tourists and locals with their families. You have several areas to sit whether inside the air-conditioned Inn or out the back among various sized tables with a mix of bench seats and old plastic chairs. 

We sat outside where it was quiet to enjoy a classic pub meal like Chicken Parma with chips with a cool afternoon breeze.

Authentic Pies & Pastries conveniently located across the road from the Friendly Inn Hotel. It’s a pie shop that offers steak and pepper on the menu! I recommend them over the “World’s best pies” further down the road with a better choice of pastries and customer service. 

Our accommodation was at Bandeela Recreation Campground. This campground is well-known for its ‘Bare-nosed’ wombats. During the warmer months, wombats and their young will leave their burrows to forage. 

There are signs around many of the facilities, along with a brochure handed to you (linked below) at the entrance advising not to feed the wombats, to drive at low speeds and limit evening driving while the wombats are out in force. 

Bandeela Campsite safety instructions for yourself and the native wildlife.

You can see these little wombat families happily live among people in their tents.  

Near where we pitched our tent, our #vanlife neighbours found an adult wombat was using their van to scratch its back. Causing the van to shake! This is a common occurrence across the campsite. This wombat even brought the rest of his family including two young ones to enjoy the grass around the van.

Kangaroo Valley 3 Day Canoe Pre-trip

My partner, Eddy and I have been talking about going on canoe trip in Kangaroo Valley for a few months. This would trip would be our first adventure couples trip and we have been inspired to go on a trip by the We Are Explorers post on Multi-day Canoeing and watching Canadian vlogger and filmmaker, Chris Prouse’s Algonquin National Park canoeing videos with her partner.

I spoke to the team at Kangaroo Valley Safaris regarding the canoe trip and they were kind enough to provide us with a couple of multi-day itineraries, what is included in the trip package and recommended times of year to go on these trips.

I have summarised that in the list below:

Pre-trip Notes

Self guided canoe tour from Bendeela to Fossickers Flat and returning to Tallowa Dam

An easy 24 klm paddle over the two days. ( 3 hours per Day)
TRIP 3: THE BIG SAFARI (3, 4 or 5 days) Combination of Trip 1 and 2. (We opted for Trip 3 )

Day trips
TRIP 4: HAMPDEN BRIDGE TO BENDEELA (2 hours to all day)
TRIP 5: WILDLIFE OF BENDEELA & BEYOND (2 hours to all day).

All multi day trips include

Cost is $65 per person per day all inclusive including transport (3 days $195 per person, $390 total)

  • All canoe/kayak equipment
  • Life Jacket
  • Waterproof containers for your camping gear
  • Maps, plenty of info and advice
  • Basic skills briefing
  • Return bus transport
  • Safe overnight parking

Essential Gear


  • Canoe (Wenonah Prospector 16)
  • Barrels for essentials
  • Map (preferably with marked camp spots)
  • PLB

Overnight camping gear and food

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sleeping Mats

Food for 3 days

  • Breakfast x 2 (per person)
  • Lunch x 3 (per person)
  • Dinner x 2( per person)


  • TP
  • Toothbrush / Paste
  • Water purifier (tablets)
  • Water bottles (at least 3 litres per person)


  • Paddling clothes
  • Swimmers
  • Camp clothes