Un-racing the Hunt1000 2019

Hunt1000, Canberra to Melbourne 20th – 30th of November

What is Hunt1000?

Trip type: Bikepacking
Difficulty: Arduous
Start date: Wednesday, 20th November – Saturday, 30th November  2019
Season: Summer
Months: November
Sights: Arid mountains, gorges, dry creek beds, waterholes
Hazards: Dehydration, Snakes, Hyperthermia, Hypothermia
Activity Leader: Dan Hunt – Founder of the Hunt1000
Group: Jay, Eddy, Jaeryl as well as like minded (or disturbed) individuals willing to take on the hazards of the Hunt1000 trail.

A 1,000 km journey through the rooftop of Australia along backcountry trails, across exposed high plains, through snow gum woodlands and among tall native forests. The trail links two of major cities with limited resupply points and some of Australia’s best high country campsites.

The Hunt1000 was founded by Dan Hunt in 2016. It is a long-distance (1000km) endurance bikepacking event from Canberra to Melbourne through the Snowy Mountains. It will be tough with the occasional ‘hike – a bike’ trails but it’s easily forgiven by the amazing views the Australia Alpines has to offer. The main race itself will take 7 days, however those that want to enjoy the wonder of the Australian Alpines, like myself, prefer to take the journey a bit slower.

This trip will take an estimated 11 days plus another 1 day to recoup before catching a train back home (12 days in total).