Larapinta Day 17

Day 17 Rock Bar Gap to Red Bank Gorge

The hike to Red Bank Gorge was uneventful in terms of the view, but a good time to chat with Simone at a cruisy pace (4.28km/h).

We arrived at Red Bank Gorge by 11am! qw rested, had lunch, and then headed over to the gorge which was stunning with turquoise water, lots of bird life. It was a peaceful couple of hours there with a little boulder climb for me and Yushu.

I did an interview on my gopro with the gorge as my backdrop before heading back to camp.

As we were setting up our tents for our final cowboy camps, we listen to excited conversations from hikers who were about to start their endeavours from Mt Sonder. Good luck to them, I felt jealous that they were about to start their amazing journey as we finished ours.

Red Bank Gorge

  • Water tank x 1
  • Outdoor toilet 50m away towards the car park
  • No shelter

Written by Jay Sims

Edited by Alex Hay