Larapinta Day 16

Day 16 Glen Helen – Rocky Bar Gap

Woke up at 7am to pack up and have breakfast at Glen Helen by 8am. We left at 9am to head towards Rocky Bar Gap. Missing the entrance, we had to backtrack about 30 m.

Feeling slightly lethargic and hungover from the night previous, I slogged through the hike the slowest of the group. We had lunch at Hill Top to see the intimidating views of Mt. Sonder starting to tower over the trail on our way to Red Bank Gorge.

Starting to become more sombre as the trip nears the end. I missed being in the outdoors with a group of people who share the same appreciation fr so long. Though we didn’t know each other at the start; coming to the end I wouldn’t change the people and the experiences we shared on this trip for a lifetime.

Rocky Bar Gap Campsite

  • Water tanks
  • Outdoor toilet
  • Dirty camp areas boundaries lined with stone


Written by Jay Sims

Edited by Alex Hay