Larapinta Day 15

Day 15 – Ormiston to Glen Helen

  • Left 7:45am, arrived 11am

We missed the breakfast period and were too early for the lunch period from 11:30am to 2:30pm, so we opted for a meat pie, fruit salad, orange popper juice, and a crunchie. On the bright side, we still had Optus reception!

Yushu arrived at 11:30am, and Trish and Simone 11:50am. Trish was not in a good mental state, the last unexpected 4km to Glen Helen wore her down mentally and physically in the heat (29 degrees). She has booked herself into a proper room to have time to herself away from the heat. There was concern whether she would continue or not tomorrow.

We had a large lunch, a couple of beers and too many potato chips. I think the fried food and alcohol got to me, so I spent the rest of the morning in the shade trying to nap off my bloated and tipsy state.


I sat by the Finke River, pant legs folded up to my knees. The only sound was the soft breezes rustling the dry grass reeds across the bank. The water was cool enough to walk through in the shallows. If you’re still enough, you start noticing the bird life that surrounds this area.

After I walked back to the camp, the girls confirmed that the showers here were hot! Taking my time, I hopped in and, low and behold, actual warmth! The luxury of a warm shower was bliss.

Back at camp, i interviewed Yushu and then headed to the restaurant for a couple of wines and a cheese and cracker nibble.

I met a mother and daughter, from Ormiston (we met them as they were hiking towards Mt Giles).  Unfortunately, Sunday, the daughter, got a sweat rash infection in her underarm that was the size of half a golf ball. They returned the following day and stayed at Ormiston before staying another night in Glen Helen. 9 days from Red Bank Gorge to Ellery, cut short by 1.5 days.


Glen Helen Campsite

  • Powered Campsite
    • 4 dual plugin ports
    • 4 showers (though the ones around the back of the caravan campsite had HOT water)
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Bar
  • Restaurant that serves hot potato chips!
  • Decently stocked fridge for hiking snacks, icecream and chocolate
  • Outdoor seat facing a sandy river beach, where people can go for a swim

Written by Jay Sims

Edited by Alex Hay