Larapinta Day 14

Day 14, Ormiston Zero day

Woke up at 5:30am.

I laid in bed watching others pack for their next section of hiking. My group did not get up until 7:30am! it was justified rest day to enjoy ourselves and explore this hiker’s heaven.

Before breakfast (kiosk opened at 10am), hiked the Ghost Gum trail, a lookout over the gorge with an amazing view of the main waterhole, turquoise in the morning sunlight below with white sand. The hike looped down through the gorge back to the kiosk. The 1.5km trail probably took us about 2 hours, as the boulders between the smaller waterhole and the main waterhole was an obstacle in itself to cross.

We had a big breakfast of course. Cheese and bacon turnovers, plus two cokes, an apple and an orange (hiker hunger for Jay).

After breakfast, we hiked Pound Gap Walk, to walk all the excess amount of food while maintaining fitness. Seeing the adjacent views from what we had at the Mt Giles Lookout. The hike to the highest point was uneventful but the views were worth it while enjoying a green apple. We completed that hike without packs in 2 hours (8km averaging 4km/h). Afterwards, we celebrated with a quick dip in the main waterhole in the gorge in our bra and undies. Though the water was nice in the shallows, the further into the centre you swam the cooler the water temperature was. Not as cold as Ellery Creek though.

We saw a Perentys lizard sunbaking in the shallows of the main waterhole.

For the rest of the time we were enjoyed our lunch meals with a dash of iced coffee/chocolate, coke, chips and fresh fruits.

Ormiston Campsite (100m from campsite look for Larapinta sign!)

  • The Kiosk carries fruits, drinks, ice cream, iced beverages (chocolate and coffee), smoothies, variety of meals (all day breakfast and lunch), packet chips (chicken, salt and vinegar, twisties), chocolates, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, conditioner (no shampoo…) and band aids
  • The outdoor seating area of the kiosk has two power points to charge from, plus another two on the kiosk external wall with the two lamps
  • Caravan park section
  • Coach campsite section (just before hikers’ campsite)

Larapinta campsite

  • Two outdoor toilets
  • Three raised platforms (two in the tour site and one in the Larapinta campsite
  • Multiple natural water holes at the gorge, the main one gets the most sunlight (closest to the kiosk)
  • Multiple walks around the area (Ghost Gum walk and Pound walk being the most popular)

Written by Jay Sims

Edited by Alex Hay