Larapinta Day 13

Day 13 – Lookout to Mt Giles to Ormiston

Up at 5:30am with pleasant messages through my InReach account from close friends.

I expected it to be colder last night, certainly the wind was cold, but I did not feel as cold sleeping. I got almost a full night’s rest, bar the odd toilet break urgency.

We arrived at Ormiston Campsite, and we have Optus coverage! I was able to call my sister, mum and Eddy. It was good to hear from familiar voices and be able to catch up with current events back home. It was also nice to have a scroll through Facebook messages and post a few things on Instagram.

We ate a couple of burgers, ice blocks, cans of coke zero, and pastries from the café. My god, it was the best thing I’d had in days.

When it was time to have a shower, consistent with my other showers, it was cold and underwhelming. I was pretty devastated to have another cold shower but I quickly warmed up in the afternoon sun.

The other Canberra group strolled in later that day, Trish and the French lady do not seem to get on well. She’s lovely to chat to but will not acknowledge Simone or Trish, only Yushu and myself. Such odd drama from what could be considered an incident over water at a campsite, a day or two earlier.

Note: download StarTrack app for star gazing or cowboy camping.