Larapinta Day 11

Day 11 – Counts Point to Serpentine Chalet Dam

Waking up abruptly to the strong wind blowing my hair.

I wasn’t cold, it was just a sudden awakening. I slowly fell asleep only to have my alarm going and 30 minutes later Simone waking us to enjoy the sunrise, reminding  me to setup the time lapse on my phone.

We stayed until the sun had risen before the hills, leaving camp by 8.45am. The hike was uneventful, arriving at Serpentine Chalet Dam by 11. We’ve set up our beds in the shelter and relaxed. We wrote in our journals, got into a very personal discussion about families and had moments to sleep.

  • Met a group of 3 hikers from Canberra, a couple and another tag along.
  • Met a Melbourne couple hiking from Mt. Giles Lookout. They were very dehydrated and drinking the tank water without filtering.

We went to bed by 7:30pm, I sleep by 9:30pm, and woke up due to heat by 11pm. I was kept awake after that due to being uncomfortable from heat until 2am.

Serpentine Dam

  • Shelter with two platforms and 4x Solar USB charging ports in food cub board
  • Two large rain water tanks
  • One outdoor toilet

Note: InReach device – Can message people from my iPhone contact list (provided the number has +61) without syncing them to my Inreach contacts list

Hiking trip research – Pan 9 way – England 18 days

Written by Jay Sims

Edited by Alex Hay