Larapinta Day 10

Day 10 – Ellery Creek (passing Serpentine Shelter) to Counts Point

4km/h 12.75km from Ellery to Serpentine Shelter.

Simone and Yushu woke up at 5:30am so they could leave at 6:30am to beat the heat. They were our troopers sensitive to the heat and problems with their feet but they continued on with barely any complaints from their struggles. Their moving around eventually woke me up before my 6am alarm. Trish and I didn’t leave until 7:45am.

The hike was slow, up and down hills until 3km before Serpentine Gorge Shelter. We met up with the girls within minutes of arriving. At a pace of 4.6km/h, they had hiked 12.75km in three hours, the heat and the early rise must have been mentally and physically exhausting.


We met Roz, who had taken unpaid leave from her nursing job to work at Glen Helen and experience life in NT. She was hiking Ellery to Ormiston and taking her time. She even did hidden food drops near the shelters. In this shelter she had two books and a little camping chair.

We stayed until 1pm relaxing, having lunch, and collecting the full 6 litres of water for dry camping, Trish stayed until 2pm but met up with us as we ascended to Counts Point.


The hike through the rocks and heat with the extra weight on your back was mentally and physically exhausting. By the time I arrived at Counts Point and into a campsite, I nearly broke down. There was no Optus reception to have FaceTime conversation with my partner, my group were behind, and I was worried they would be angry that I pushed them in this massive 20km day uphill with extra in the heat.

They eventually arrived and were just grateful for the walk to be over and no one was angry,. We were all in awe of the view.  It was well worth the almost hellish walk, to see the valley and in the distance, Mt. Sonder.

We set up cowboy camp overlooking the valley, ate dinner at sundown, watched the shooting stars, and, for those with reception, enjoyed a conversation with loved ones.

I slept a full night’s sleep; the night was warm, and wind was blowing softly.

Serpentine Shelter

  • Shelter with two platforms and 4x Solar USB charging ports in food cub board
  • Two large rainwater tanks
  • One outdoor toilet

Written by Jay Sims

Edited by Alex Hay