Larapinta Day 9

Day 9 – 2km from Rocky Gully to Ellery Creek

We were up at 6am and found that all of our water bottles had ice in them. It was so cold from around 3:30am until the sun was high enough to warm our skin.

Simone and Yushu, our early and fast packers, left at 7:30 whilst Trish and I took our time to pack our bags knowing that we would take over them in an hour. We left at 8am, Trish now left me walk ahead of her as she described my hike like a motor. As soon as I have my engines revving, I am off!

Arrived here at 10:35am! I hiked 2.5hours my pace is 4.4km per hour! My pace increased today again by another 100m 🙂 I could have hiked for longer, but I must wait for everyone and I agreed that we would stay the night and then hike about 20km to Count Point tomorrow.


Got access to our second food drop. I love last me, leaving a summer roll to enjoy as I restock my supplies! I ended up from the last 9 days with 2 extra unopened food packs. So I will compare what I have in my new supply and decide whether to keep them or not.

Other bonuses from last me; another 4xAA batteries for my head torch as I was starting to get concerned I the six I have would run out. (Future note to replace with USB charged head torch or USB charged batteries), new socks, sports bra, the next four sections info booklets and an additional 100 purification tablets to share among my group as they only took 50! I had 130 when I started, I was worried I would need to ration with them as well as use Matt’s water filter (a time intensive exercise).

Shoes off, on a camp platform waiting for others as I review my packs contents with the resupply.


Today is half way to completing this trip, 9 days left, and we experienced and thought through so many things together and as individuals. Lessons were learnt and the struggles we had are, as Dave says, relative to the future we have yet to be experience.

Trish arrived at 11:20am, we lost the girls, they  apparently were ahead of Trish. Turns out they went straight to the waterhole for a dip whilst I dozed in the shade with our food drop.

We opted to stay, relax and swim. Found a shaded dual platform camp for us, it looks like a villa! Gave ourselves a chance to fully wash our clothes, hair, quietly plan our next few days and have a siesta.

We braved the glacial cold waters which numbed your extremities almost as soon as you stepped into the water. I would not chicken out and swam 5m to a climbable rock. There was a woman who quietly swam these waters to the other side, I was inspired to attempt the same feat, made it halfway, was not gracious as I was gasping loudly that the girls could hear me on the beach before I swam back.

As the sun started to set, we walked down to the waterhole again to see if there was some live nature happening. It was minimal, but it was a good chance to laugh and reminisce about our past 9 days. Halfway mark to the completion of the hike. A bit of a somber occasion.


Ellery Creek Campsite and Caravan Park

  • Two sheltered platforms (villas)
  • Over 5 standalone platforms
  • Visitors toilets
  • Natural waterhole
  • Two large rain water tanks
  • 4 BBQs
  • Possible two metal fire pits
  • Food drop storage