Larapinta Day 8

Day 8 – Hugh Gorge Shelter to 3km from Rocky Gully campsite

Leaving Hugh gorge campsite, snack station at Ghost Gum and we zipped through to Rocky Gully, a 4-hour flattish walk where I was able to fully jam out with my music. The distance was about 15km and I was about to complete it in 4 hours and 20 mins, my new pace 4.39km per hour. I was happy about the pace since my feet weren’t affected by blisters, which in turn allowed me to remaining energetic throughout the day. Arriving at Rocky Gully at 12:20pm.

The temperatures from today onwards were around 26 degrees and dry heat.

We stayed at Rocky Gully until about 3pm, relaxing in the shade and just chatting away to kill time. Trish took a siesta in another shady spot and we saw a few people arrive from Ellery Creek about 15km and about 4 hours away.

I’ve been seeing a few people sporting the Aarn packs that have beefy shoulder packs in from on both straps. Apparently useful for water and snack carry. An appealing setup.

Once the weather cooled, we decided to hike further up to a river bed about 3km from Rocky Gully.

It was picture perfect with the sunset and hip-hop music from my phone. As we were eating a bearded dragon lizard emerged from the sands in front of her causing a fright but soon enough, we flocked around it with our camera phones as it was the star of the show.

We packed our food away and at 7:30pm everyone settled into bed.

Evening Update: I just saw a shooting star near enough to see the fire coming from it as it disappeared to the other side of the night sky. #joysofcowboycamping

Rock Gully Campsite (Had lunch here but did not camp)

  • Shelter with two platforms and 4x Solar USB charging ports in food cub board
  • Two large rain water tanks
  • One outdoor toilet