Larapinta Day 5

Day 5 – Standley Chasm Zero Day

We woke up, had breakfast and lunch at the kiosk enjoying cooked meals.

Keeping productive preparing for the rest of the trip,we ee-packed our bags with all the new food and 5 litres of water.

My bag is nearly 19kg as I have 6 packs of food because I can get quite ravenous when hiking. I ditched the tampons, plastic spoke, bamboo knife that goes with my fork and the 10,000 MAh power bank.

I bought a painting from a local artist living on the campgrounds. $70 on canvas paper, leaving the painting in the food tub for pick up later.

The rest of the ladies packs were around 18kg.

Simone ditched her tent but will share with Trish so she’s taking Trish’s tent poles.

Trish is ditching her t-shirt and long pants in favour of singlet and shorts.


This is dry land, Coopers ultra-light (non-alcoholic) is the closest to alcohol we will get until Glen Helen. Nothing to drink away the struggles of the previous 8 hours hiking here.

You don’t need alcohol to have a good time. We ended up playing a game of Arsehole from the deck of cards Trish brought with her. We were taught this game by a fellow hiker, Max, a nice young engineering uni student hiking 12 days from Mt. Sonder to Alice.

Standley Chasm Campsite

  • One outdoor light with two charging points if you have a USB charger and cord
  • Two showers
  • Top loading washing machine
  • Visitors toilets
  • Kiosk but does not supply anything for hikers apart from premise food and coffee
  • Food drop storage at kiosk (sign in and out required)