Larapinta Day 2

Day 2 – 9th Aug, Wallaby Gap to Bonds Gap

Left at 9:10am for a long walk.

Simone and Yushu saw a rock wallaby at Wallaby Gap.

Breakfast was cold soaked oats, a fresh banana and berocca. Strapping to minimise the blisters, only time will tell if this fails or not.

The landscape to Simpson Gorge was well shaded with beautiful orange and white hues. Surprising amount of colourful plants.

We had 4G reception from Alice Springs until Scorpion Pool. Got a chance to make video calls during the hike to share the views.

Did Scorpion Pool side trail, we found that it was more like a puddle then pool and no scorpions. There must be more to the story here….

Met two guys from the royal lifesaving service carrying 30kgs from Mt Sonder with one food drop. Not sure how long they were hiking for but apparently one of the guys nearly broke down on Brinkley Bluff with 28kg pushing his limit. They were going the distance as well maybe 12-14 days?

Past two other men hiking from Mt Sonder don’t remember much about them.

Arrived at Simpson Gap by lunchtime, checked out the Hotspot reception extenders though they didn’t seem to work.

I highly recommend the side trail to Simpson Gap, beautiful rocky areas surrounding the river bed and waterhole.

Simpson Gap Campsite

  • Shelter with two platforms and 4x Solar USB charging ports in food cupboard
  • Two large rainwater tanks
  • One outdoor toilet

Decided to continue to Bonds Gap as we felt fit and energetic enough to keep move on after checking out the Gap’s waterhole.

Camp Bond Gap, a dry river bed and water source was the gap itself where you had to climb part of it to access to water source properly. Using the Cnoc 2litle squeeze bladder and Hydroblu filter (it took over an hour to fill 9 litres of water!). There was no choice as there was particles and mosquitoes’ eggs in the water. #treatyourwaterproperly

Outcome of today: I am sunburnt on the right cheek and neck due to the angle of the sun.

Cold soaking lunch worked a treat at Simpson’s Gap, so I did the same for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch and breaky.

Trish’s Tyvek – eBay Tyvek from Dalesford, Victoria