Larapinta Day 1

Day 1 – 8th Aug, Alice Springs YHA to Wallaby Gap

Wallaby Gap Campsite

  • Shelter with seats on the edges
  • One large rainwater tank
  • One outdoor toilet
  • Two separate raised platforms

Exposed, hot and high ascents (at the time).

The first ascent exposed the vast lands and ridges in the far distance on our left. We saw the beginnings of this beautiful Trail. The hike was tough as expected for our first day fully loaded with five days of food. Our packs weighed between 16-17kg. A few times we stopped under the limited shade around us hoping for some reprieve from the sun.

Wallaby Gap campsite had two raised metal platforms, Yushu and I dumped our packs on one while the others set theirs down in a more shaded area.

Near to the end of our first day hiking Trish began struggling. She was experiencing heat exhaustion from having her back brace on and limited shade. I assisted Trish to settle in at Wallaby Gap Campsite. After having her lay down in the shade, we encouraged her to drink more water containing hydro lite, a basic first aid practice. We set up her bed next to Simone and gave her space to recover. By this time, she was dry retching and was experiencing dizziness. After seeking shade and taking some of her layers off she was able to settle and later, eat. There was a moment during her experience where she thought she would not continue the hike if she were to continue feeling awful.

We hung out packs on metal makeshift hooks in the gazebo. Had our dinner and other promptly went to bed exhausted from day one’s effort.

I took the opportunity to boil some water with a bit of soap and head round to the toilets to bath myself with a chuck’s cloth, always a good idea for down their cleanliness.

Cowboy camping is awesome watching the stars on raised beds. You could still hear cars, cows, and planes in the distance.