Sustainable lifestyle

Recently, I have been on a journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reducing my carbon footprint. Inspired after reading books like Dark emu by Bruce Pascoe, Homo Sapiens and Homo Dues by Yuval Noah Harari and the Ethical Butcher by Reed Berlin. Watching Cooked by Michael Pollan and Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret.

I’m slowly changing my diet to be more of an ethical omnivore limiting my meat consumption to meats that have a smaller carbon footprint like Kangaroo, Wallaby, Crocodile, Tasmanian Possum, free range chickens and eggs from farmers I know.  I also try to eat more of a vegetarian diet and eat meat less, kind of 80/20 ratio.

I’m trying to drive less and cycle more, investing in an all rounder bike that you will start to see on my instagram as I incorporate bike packing into my adventures.

Focus on Ecotourism, I lead hikes for a local mountaineering club, and when I go on holidays I support local business and explore the area and local for ethical tour guides.

I’m in the process of setting up my own veggie garden but also supporting my apartment complex community garden. I am composting a lot more and have an arrange with the local community for people to use my compost bin which is collected for a community compost group on a monthly basis.

I’ve also limiting my plastic waste consumption at home using bulk food sources, reusable bags, brown paper bags for veggies. I found that I am struggling the most with it comes to packing food for hiking. So I’m looking at better solutions for food storage without impacting food hygiene and safe food consumptions as I dehydrate my own food.

The fight to be more environmentally and ethically conscious :

  • Shop for seasonal local produce
  • Shop of environmental and ethical meats – invasive species, kangaroo, crocodile, possum
  • Go on ecotourism hiking, supporting countries that live only on tourism
  • Invest in ethical/environmental products – is the company sourcing and supporting ethical, and sustainable products, who are they supporting politically
  • Buy second hand – clothing and furniture
  • Grow/make your own
  • Volunteer RFS (environment), Youth at risk in LGBTI communities
  • Respect and support indigenous culture