RFS – Summer 2017

Summer is starting to warm up. It is time for me to prepare my uniform, my go bag and ensure that I am at least self sufficient for 24 hours. My brigade has already begun their weekly training familiarising our tankers and the equipment it holds. We are going over burn over drills and ensuring that we know what is expected of us for the season.

Our tankers contain MREs, and enough bottle water for multiple days , this ensures that if we are in a situation where we need to be out on field for more than 24 hours that we are prepared.

As an equipment officer, I will be ensuring the everyone has functional PPE and trucks. Safety is the top priority as our brigade may be called out to a fire down the road or to the next state in a moments notice.

We either have pagers or use the Rover app that sends out fire calls and daily weather reports for the following day. I use the app, as I prefer to be a minimalist with my edc; Phone and Wallet in one.

Recently, our captain and one of our senior volunteers assisted with in the fires of British Columbia. An international call out for assistance for the raging fires up north. It is these types of adventures that I want but for now I need experience, and with only 1 year of fire season under my belt I have a lot to learn.


Tonight was going to be our weekly RFS training but our captain has given us the go ahead to attend a fundraiser for another brigade to watch pre-release of ‘Only the Brave’ – based on the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of elite firefighters who risk everything to protect a town from a historic wildfire.