Day Four to Five Windermere hut to New Pelion hut Overland Track 2017

Sponsors:, Strive food (Tassie), Safelaces, Moxigear, Hothands

The Trek: 64km over 7 days, 20kg pack, hut to hut through the rain, wind and snow.

Everyone relaxed in the warmth of Windemere hut, playing music and enjoying drinks as we watched the snow fall outside. Limited sleeping areas in this hut, our group were not so lucky finding a platform to sleep on having half sleeping on the floor, those that were able to sleep on platforms crammed in as many people. A platform for two was shared by the three smallest, and another was shared by two more.

The hike to New Pelion hut was a difficult 14.2km hike through the lowest part, Frog Flats to the 720m above sea level. Though the constant climbing over roots and watching your step is a constant challenge. The change of scenery was dramatic, from the open snowed covered moors, into a dense snow and moss-covered forest which changed into a very wet humid rainforest area. For many in our group this was the hardest of the hikes, mentally.

Arriving to the largest of the huts with a wide veranda that went around the entire hut, surrounded by wildlife with a view the snow-covered Mount Ossa was a treat. With a large hut comes noise in the eating area, there were quite a few people in this hut but no one slept on floors as some groups skipped this hut and went straight to Kia Ora.
The next morning to the group continued on to Pelion Gap where the She Devils agreed it was a ‘great idea’ to do a female empowerment pose topless in an open heavily snow-covered area whilst it was in fact snowing. (Helloo cover photos!)

Jane was the sensible member that took the photo. Go on you, Jane.

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