Overland Track 2017 – Pack break down

Since announcing that I will be hiking the Australian Alpine Walking track (AAWT) in 2019 on my blog, I have been achieving a set of mini goals over the next 2 years to help me prepare for the trip (whether it’s solo or with friends). Those goals are: increased fitness to achieve ascents and descents of 800 – 900 m, hike across 20 km distances with a 20 kg backpack every day during the trip, competency in compass and map navigation, hiking experience for longer than 2 nights, invest in light to ultra-light weight equipment and learning ways to film these adventures.

My first step in preparing for this long journey is to focus on fitness, hiking experience and deepening my understanding of compass and map navigation. The AAWPT guide book suggests hiking a few week long, or longer tracks before attempting it.

This is how I got involved in hiking the Overland Track hike for September…

I was fortunate that a friend of mine linked me to a post in the Hiking & Bushwalking in Australia Facebook page where the Janet Archibald was promoting the She Devil group (female only) who are hiking the Tasmanian Overland track.

I contacted Janet directly to see if there was space for one more for the trip and there was! I will be hiking the Tasmanian Overland track with the She Devils women’s group [link Facebook page]. 7 Days away with a group of wonderful women of varying ages, mums, sisters, and daughters of all fitness levels. My flights and accommodation are booked and paid for! 1 month from now I will be meeting these women for the first time.

I will gain a lot of experience during this trip from equipment considerations, fitness expectation, and personal growth. It will give me a good idea of what to expect for the AAWT hike. Pack weight for this trip is 18 kg or under for both base weight and consumables.

This hike is organised by a wonderful lady, Janet Archibald, whom some may know as the runner up to the 2013 Biggest Loser. This lady has managed to bring together 9 unlikely women to hike together to promote support and create a community for survivors of domestic violence, mental health awareness, and survivors of substance abuse.

These women are mostly based in Melbourne, so I have not met them but we communicate through Facebook and, so far, I have found these women hilarious, genuine and above all, inspiring.

This hike is sponsored by some amazing Australian companies:

  • Moxie gear – providing shin and ankle gaiters to the group.
  • Strive Food –Tasmanian company providing the 9 walkers with their first 3 days of meals.
  • Macpac – for graciously donating 3 x Torlesse 65 (litre) hiking packs, of which I will be one of the first to use!
  • Hot hands – for the cold hands and lonely beds for our weary minds and body.
  • Safelaces – for providing us a way to secure our shoe laces, no doubt our fingers will be too cold to keep tying them together.
  • Macfarlanes – supplying first aid kits, we have more than enough that if everyone manages to hurt themselves we would have enough for slip, trips, breaks and falls.

She Devil Trekkers  – Social media

Facebook Page
Facebook group
Youtube Channel (I edited the videos for Overland Track ’17)