Gibraltar Peak

Gibraltar Peak hike, a 17km day hike clockwise from the Tidbinbilla Visitor’s centre including circumnavigation of Mt Eliza, the Congwarra trail, and unintentional 2 bonus hills. The first of many Jay and Shell adventures.

Using the Avenza maps app, which didn’t show some of the walking tracks, and the Visitor’s Centre brochure that didn’t show topography other than rivers, we went east from the Visitor’s Centre to bonus hill 1 (760m above sea level). After getting back on the right track we climbed to the saddle between Mt Eliza and Gibraltar Peak and had morning tea at a really unique picnic table made from local trees.

Climbing up to Gibraltar Peak (1040m) there were lots of granite tors to climb, ranging in size from car to house sized. They were rounded and weathered, and hollow sounding in some places. The peak is a sacred Aboriginal site where men would gather to teach and share cultural lore. The top was rocky, with views of the Tidbinbilla range partially hidden by fog, and a short tunnel between rocks on the very top.

Down, then west to the Dalsetta carpark, through peppermint gums, grasslands, and kangaroos. Thanks to misleading signage we ended up on bonus hill 2, Turkey Hill (760m). Retracing our steps, we took the Congwarra trail along the river. June is the best time to find fungi in the area, and we saw lots of unusual fungi that looked like everything from cauliflower to dried leaves.

Kangaroos bounded ahead along the track, and scattered into the (shallow) river and the bush. We returned to the Visitor’s Centre by going east along the foot of Mt Eliza, where there were even more kangaroos. Overall it was a challenging hike through beautiful country with lots to discover and climb.

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