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Outdoor Adventure and Urban Survival (OAUS) is a website about hiking, cycle touring and emergency service experiences in Australia.

If this helps encourage people to go outdoors or support their local community then that’s a plus



Janevieve Sims – Jay


I am a hiking and cycling enthusiast and a volunteer firefighter in the ACT region. I am also a moderator for the She Devil Trekker group, an all-female hiking group that complete end to end hikes all over Australia and eventually take on international trails.

The future goal for this website is to become a portfolio of my adventuring and to show my experience doing advancedĀ  technique expeditions, which I might potentially lead in the future.


My calmer, creative half joins me on some of these journeys. He is kind enough to share about his experiences.

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Has posted a couple of articles here on our local adventures together.



Thank my article editors for their amazing work in making my posts legible to all readers!

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Feature photo fromĀ Mika Kontiainen, from his Snowshoe lead trip with the ANU Mountaineering Club.

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